Roucou oil richer in caroten than carrots?

Beta-carotene is nothing more than A pro-vitamin that is present in many foods. The greatest quantities of beta-carotene can be found in carrots, which should be eaten if we would like to enjoy tanned body without exposing it to the sun. However, beta-carotene does not only accelerate skin darkening; it has plenty of other beneficial action as well. Why is it worth supplying our body with beta-carotene? Which source is richer in A pro-vitamin than regular carrots? Keep reading the article.

roucou.jpgOne of the plants, which fruit are believed to contain even 100 times more beta-carotene than the same portion of carrot is Bixa Orellana. This is Latine name of tropical Roucou tree (also known as Achiote) growing in South America. Seeds of these red, thorny fruits are the source of pure roucou oil, which is characterized by numerous healthful action. Basically, the oil is favoured because of its hair restoring features. Owning to the high concentration of beta-carotene, the oil accelerates hair growth and helps strands with rebuilding their damaged structure.

Apparently, this is not where beta-carotene’s mission ends. Why it is so important to supply an organism with appropriate amount of this vitamin? First and foremost, A pro-vitamin is a substance an organism needs for generating A vitamin. In turn, this substance is crucial for strengthening immune system, facilitating proper functioning of eyesight and, obviously, influencing production of melanin. These are three most popular features of beta-carotene, which is used as a medication for problems with vision as it is popularly used as a self-tanning substance.

Moreover, roucou oil is a substance that is worth including into one’s everyday diet and body care procedures not only because of the above-mentioned features. (Note that roucou oil can be applied from the inside and the outside.) What is more, beta-carotene is an underestimated substance of skin-firming and delaying skin-ageing processes action. To clarify, roucou oil is a natural antioxidant. It does not only eliminates signs of skin ageing but also slows down harmful processes of oxygenation.